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Slab City, or the “Slabs,” just outside Niland, California. The community is located on the site of a former Marine base, which was decommissioned and torn down after World War II, leaving only the “slabs” on which buildings were located. Some of the residents are permanent, some are snowbirds. A few artist colonies are located in the community, including East Jesus. Most of the residents are off-grid, and produce their own power through turbines, solar panels or small generators.

The community was one of the locations for the Sean Penn movie, Into The Wild. Remember the scene where Emile Hirsch, playing the lead role of Christopher McCandless, bonds with his older friends, one played by Catherine Keener. Or where he played at a concert in front of a trailer, along with his friend, played by Kristen Stewart. The concert was filmed on the homestead shown in the second photo from the bottom (with the sign on it saying, “Range”).

Photos taken on November 15, 2013.

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